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When deodorant and antiperspirant don't work,
botox injections can be the solution to severe cases of excessive sweating.
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About Our Clinic

Our clinic is located at 82 Buttonwood Avenue, on the 4th floor of the Ruddy Building.

The closest major intersection is Jane St and Eglinton Ave W. Our office is co-located with the West Park Family Health Organization, which provides us with the necessary medical expertise to administer our treatments.

We also provide treatments at our partner Ritual Med Spa which is located at 10-2 Rosemount Ave, near Lawrence Ave and Weston Rd. Ritual Med Spa offers a wide range of services to assist in keeping your skin healthy and strong.

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Our Services

Our botox treatments are used to relax the muscles in your face.

This will decrease wrinkling of the skin and also prevent further wrinkles from developing in the future. Most of the time, botox is used for treating the forehead and brow, eyes, mouth, chin and nose. botox can also be used to treat severe migraines and excessive sweating.

  • Forehead and brow lines

    Reduce facial lines while keeping an expressive and natural looking face.

  • Eyes

    Crows' feet can be caused by excess sun exposure and use of the muscles around the eye. We can minimize these with a few treatments of botox.

  • Mouth

    Marionette lines and lip lines are easily addressed with a combination of botox and fillers.

  • Chin

    Chin dimpling can be dealt with in a low cost and straightforward manner.

  • Nose

    Bunny lines are easily managed with a few units of botox.

  • Dermal fillers

    Dermal fillers can be used to add volume to cheeks or other areas in the face which would benefit from contouring. They can also be used to help reduce static wrinkles, or wrinkles that cannot be addressed with botox.

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I was extremely worried about the pain of botox injections, but Dr. Sun was very friendly and gave me a realistic assessment of what I should expect. It was exactly how he described and I'm very happy with the results.

Thanks so much for the excellent work! I no longer look tired all the time and am very pleased with the procedure. Thank you!